Coonster: Helix Ring - 3D Cubes Slicer

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Collect cubes, overcome obstacles, and aim for the best score in this exciting single-finger puzzle challenge that will leave you wanting for more!
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Introducing Coonster: Helix Ring - 3D Cubes Slicer. This arcade puzzler puts you in control of a ring that you’ll navigate in helix courses. Your reflexes will be challenged by going through several vertical axes packed with loads of obstacles. Put your controls and reflexes to the test by navigating your ring to the end. One wrong move will send your ring crashing or get crushed, abruptly ending your journey through a stage.

You’ll be putting the slicer function of the game by tearing away groups of cubes found on each stage. Control your ring by tapping and holding to fit small obstacles. Letting go of the screen expands the ring to its largest, perfect for those open spaces or for the widest areas of a stage. A level is finished once you cross the checkered top of the puzzle. It will take some practice for your finger to tap and let go of the screen fast enough for your ring to push through. Fortunately, the controls can keep up with your reflexes to meet the challenges.

There are diamonds scattered in random areas of each stage. They are collected by making sure your ring comes in contact with them. Gathering enough diamonds lets you customize your playing field. Tired of slicing off 3D cubes? Why not turn them into 3D orbs? With more diamonds, you can even buy 3D triangles for your helix ring to rip through. The rewards are cool without a doubt, but the places the diamonds are placed are by no means easy. Getting to them adds more excitement to the game.

Overall, Coonster: Helix Ring - 3D Cubes Slicer is a quick and easy-to-understand puzzle title that makes a great time killer.