Top 5 Sports Games on Coonster

If sports games are among your favorite games to play, then you're in luck - We've got 5 amazing games to recommend! Top 5 Sports Games on Coonster large

Looking for an online sports game or two to play? We’ve got just the HTML 5 games to recommend, check them out below!

1. 3D Penalty Kick

Considering that the real-life sport itself has a following of roughly half a billion people, if you’re reading this article, chances are you are or have been a fan of football, a.k.a. soccer. Well, if you are indeed a fan, then playing 3D Penalty Kick is definitely a no-brainer. Besides its fantastic graphics (by HTML 5 game standards), the game is very much skill-based. You’ll not only have to kick the ball towards the net (simply by swiping); you will also have to try to outwit the goalkeeper just to get your ball past his gloved hands.

You’ve only got 15 freekick chances though, and if you managed to continuously score goal after goal, you will even earn yourself some extra combo points. The total points you earn will then determine your rank on the leaderboard. Sounds like fun? Do give 3D Penalty Kick a try!

Play 3D Penalty Kick now: https://www.coonster.com/play/3d_penalty_kick

2. Table Tennis World Tour

Playing table tennis online isn’t exactly something unique, but the various maneuvers you can perform in Table Tennis World Tour definitely help to elevate this game above all the others, making it one of the best table tennis games you can play for free on a web browser! You just need to pick a country to start playing. The game has multiple stages for you to play, and each stage will pit you against different AI players from other countries. Ultimately, you’ll be able to defeat all your opponents and win the championship!

As mentioned, you can perform a wide range of common table tennis maneuvers in this game, including smashing the ball, spinning it, “slicing” it, and more. All of these motions, when performed correctly, will produce the accurate and expected effects on the ball. Needless to say, the accuracy of its in-game physics is fantastic here, allowing the game to have a “lifelike” feel. This is one of the crowning points of the game and this alone makes Table Tennis World Tour a very worthwhile game to play, especially if you’re a fan of the sport.

Play Table Tennis World Tour now: https://www.coonster.com/play/table_tennis_world_tour

3. Archery World Tour

Do you have a really steady hand and a good eye? Well, if you think you do and are willing to put your skills to the test, then Archery World Tour is the game for you! The game’s really easy to play since you just need to drag the virtual bow to aim at the bullseye, and drop to release an arrow.

However, it may not be as easy to master. There are multiple challenges in this game where the bullseye or the target is very small, making it hard to aim. Not to mention, the wind speed and direction may also affect your arrow’s path. In other words, the game can be pretty challenging at times and this makes it a whole lot more entertaining to play!

Play Archery World Tour now: https://www.coonster.com/play/archery_world_tour

4. Sprint Club Nitro

If racing is in your blood, then you’ll want to give Sprint Club Nitro a try! The game may not be the best-looking racing game around, but in terms of its gameplay, it is a really decent game. You can pit your racing skills against multiple AI players in the game and pick up canisters of nitros along the way, giving you that extra boost you need to overtake your competition.

It’s difficult to get first place right from the start but once you’ve purchased enough upgrades for your vehicle using the cash you’ve earned, you might just be able to blaze through the race tracks like you own them!

Play Sprint Club Nitro now: https://www.coonster.com/play/sprint_club_nitro

5. Baseball Pro

Aside from being amazing to look at, Baseball Pro is a really well-made game. The game only lets you play as the batter and your goal is to hit the baseball as accurately and as hard as you can just so you can score a home run for your team. Swing too slowly and you may get a strike which is worth 0 points. And of course, the further you hit the ball, the more score points you’ll get.

You’ve only got 10 chances to swing the bat though and at the end of your turn, your score will be tallied.

Play Baseball Pro now: https://www.coonster.com/play/baseball_pro