5 Insane 2D Arcade Racing Games on Coonster

Coonster is a place filled with tons upon tons of high octane racing games and, in this article, we’ll be pointing out to five 2D arcade racing games that are sure to provide you with a great experience. 5 Insane 2D Arcade Racing Games on Coonster large

Each and every one of the games on this list has been designed to give players a fast-paced gameplay experience so you’re going to have a delightful time with each one of these games. Another great thing about all these games is, of course, the fact that you can enjoy them all in the comfort of your browser on Coonster.

1: Adventure Drivers

Adventure Drivers is a thrilling game in which you’ll not only have to outpace your opponents but will also have to make the most out of the power-ups at your disposal to stop opposing racers in their tracks. On top of all this, the game also gives players the ability to pull off incredible vehicle stunts and this is a feature that you’re sure to have a delightful time with.

Play now: https://www.coonster.com/play/adventure_drivers

2: High Hills

High Hills is a game that’s definitely among the more challenging ones on this list and this is mainly because it takes place on an unstable and hilly landscape that’s quite hard to drive across. In order to be victorious in this game, you’ll have to balance your speed with stability while simultaneously picking up fuel along the way to make sure you don’t end up running out halfway through the race.

Play here: https://www.coonster.com/play/high_hills

3: Truck Trials

Truck Trials is a thrilling game that puts players in control of a full-fledged monster truck and puts them in an awesome race track that’s filled to the brim with obstacles that they can annihilate their way through thanks to the truck. It’s worth remembering, though, that you’ll need to complete the course quickly and must also ensure that your truck doesn’t end up flipping over.

Play now: https://www.coonster.com/play/truck_trials

4: Fallout Racer

If the settings of traditional racing games aren’t doing it for you then Fallout Racer is certainly worth a look because the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape and the races themselves are quite perilous because players have to make their way through the tracks while avoiding obstacles that may end up annihilating their car.

Play here: https://www.coonster.com/play/fallout_racer

5: Crazy Hill Driver

Crazy Hill Driver is a game that actually encourages players to play rather conservatively instead of flooring the pedal and blazing through the track. This is a game in which you have to try to get as far as possible and, in order to do so, you’ll have to utilize the downward slops to your advantage in order to gain momentum without using fuel. The game’s definitely refreshing and worth a look.

Play now: https://www.coonster.com/play/crazy_hill_driver

All said and done, if you’re looking for some epic browser based racing games to enjoy then your search definitely ends here.